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Key Considerations When Buying an Ideal Recumbent Trike

Even though trikes have been around for a considerable period, they are not popular like the bikes. For a long time, trikes have been considered suitable for those learning how to ride bicycles and that is why many people feel shameful riding on them. However, in recent times trikes are regaining popularity and many people are opting to purchase them due to many reasons. There are plenty benefits that accrue from riding a recumbent trike. However, bear in mind that trikes come in different styles and makes and therefore, it is wise to choose carefully so that you end up with the one which will help you get the benefits. Here are a few things you have to look into when buying a recumbent trike.

Consider the two designs of trikes in the market. On the market, you will find the delta trike and the tadpole model. The delta trike have two hind wheels and one front wheel. The tadpole trike has two front wheels and one hind wheel. Each model of trike has its benefits and disadvantages which you must assess before buying. Do not purchase a type of trike when you are not really conversant with how it will benefit you.

What are your bike riding abilities? The delta trike is suitable for professional riders who can control the trike even at high speeds and negotiate sharp bends with ease. Controlling a delta trike is quite a challenge to many people and thus, beginners would struggle to ride the trike. The tadpole trike is the best choice for people who do not have much control on the trike and it has high stability which makes it perfect for taking sharp turns.

Consider your mobility as the rider. Are you flexible enough to get on and off the trike with ease? Suppose you are old or you have some form of physical disability that hinders your movement, then the delta trike would serve you best. Delta trikes are less complicated compared to the tadpole model.

What is the purpose of the trike? Do you want to race with the trike or you want something that you can ride at your own pleasure? Trikes are not the most suitable option if you want something for racing and has high speed. In that case, the bicycle would do. Trike is best for moving around the neighbor while having fun and exercising.

Think about the ease of steering the trike. There are two options for steering trikes. The first option is over the seat steering which is conducive for busy road as you turn and twist the trike without necessarily taking your eyes off the road and thus, you can focus a lot better. The second option is under seat steering. It is quite challenging to operate this kind of trike because you can easy cause an accident on a busy road if you take your eyes off the road.

Consider the suspension system. If you have back problems or maybe you are going to ride on a bumpy road, then opt for a trike with an excellent suspension. The best suspension reduces the pressure on your back when you hit the rough road. On smooth roads, you can choose a trike with an average suspension.

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