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Selecting the Right Dog Boarding Place

When going for a vacation, it can be difficult to leave your dog behind especially if you have never experienced such feeling before. However, once you find a good boarding facility you can always feel confident to leave your dog behind every time you have to handle something elsewhere away from home. Ensure therefore that you choose the best facility where your dog can feel comfortable and happy. Go through the provided tips below which will aid you in choosing the best dog facility for your dog.

Take a tour to the facility in consideration to get the general feeling of the place. Gauge the level of experience of the staff in handling dogs by engaging them in various questions. As you tour around, see how they are handling other dogs, if they are caring or are just ruthless to the dogs. Make sure you visit the facility a couple of times unannounced since the staff may pretend to be caring and good when they are having guests around. This will help you know whether it is the right place or not for how you want your dog to be treated.

Ask about the activities your dog will be involved in to keep him or her active for the entire time. A good boarding facility should have playtime period for the dogs to socialize and exercise. Keeping the dogs locked in one place for the entire day in the name of maintaining them is not appropriate, thus avoid facilities that conduct such an act.

The entire environment of the facility should be clean. The health of your dog will be improved due to a clean environment. Most boarding facilities vaccinate new brought up dogs so as to protect the health of other dogs. These vaccinations should be conducted in all facilities hence avoid those that do not do so since it is not the best place for your dog to be in. Your dog should be fresh and clean as well as be healthy during pick up day.

In ensuring that your dog is not left alone at night just in case he or she would be staying there overnight, choose a facility with 24-hour staff. Knowing that at least one member of the staff will be watching them at night is relieving since not all staff can avail themselves at night.

Finally, ensure that you inform the staff of any pre-existing medical condition of your dog if any before leaving them behind in the facility. In an event of emergency and you are away, this information will assist the staff in knowing how to take care of your dog.

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