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Ways to Pass the Hair Drug Test

Drugs are prohibited in the workplace. Despite this, many workers still take it and many times work is affected. This is the reason many employers require random drug testing in the workplace. You can potentially lose your job is you are found positive of drug use during the workweek.

There are several types of tests used for drug testing. Employers can use the urine test or the hair test. Before, it was only urine test used for drug testing but today, more employers are using hair drug testing. And the reason is that many employees cheat on their urine drug test. Even while taking drugs, employees have found ways of passing urine drug testing. A lot of employers today find urine drug testing more reliable. YOU will find it difficult to pass a hair drug test if you use drugs. The residue of drugs that you take will remain in your hair follicles for a time and can be detected with a hair drug test.

How then can a drug user pass a hair drug test? Below are some ways to pass a hair drug test.

One way is to shave off all your hair if you are scheduled to take a hair drug test. You might get caught trying to avoid the drug test by shaving your hair off. And you may get caught trying to avoid the hair drug test by removing all of the hairs of your head. Hair drug test uses hair strands and if you are bald, how can they perform the test? You might be happy about not being able to take the drug test. However, you need to remember that although there are no hairs on your head, there are hairs in other parts of your body. And your examiners will be able to still give you a hair drug test by taking hair in other parts of your body.

You can now find shampoos in the market that can remove the drug residue in your hair follicles. This type of shampoo can wash away the oil build-up on your scalp and remove the toxins and residue that are remaining on your hair roots. You should wash as often as you can with a great amount of shampoo. But since this is only for the duration of the drug testing, it is just a temporary solution. Your hair can get damaged from overuse.

But the best way to pass a hair drug test is to abstain from drugs altogether. You can easily pass your hair drug test if you refrain from taking drugs during the workweek. If you don't want to get caught with drugs in your system that can cost you your job, then stop using drugs during work week. Passing your hair drug test is the best way to keep your job.

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