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Reasons for Colocation

Both small and large companies need colocation data center services. Today, there is an increasing demand for colocation data center services. It is a billion-dollar market. What are the reasons for this tremendous growth?

When we speak of colocation, what we mean is the renting of space from a data center service provider to house your physical servers and network hardware and to gain advantages like online IT support. Colocation allow sharing of facilities so there is no longer any need of investing in initial infrastructure. Cost is thus reduced and many perks come with it which includes proper security, state-of-the-art redundancy, increased bandwidth, and lower power costs.

Here are some benefits of colocation that will help you decide if it is for your business. The benefits of colocation are given below.

Cost savings is one of the benefits of colocation. And this is because costs are shared with other companies collocating. You also get savings from not having to spend for initial infrastructure. State-of-the-art services which some businesses cannot afford on their own, can be availed of while giving your company plenty of savings. Heightened security, increased bandwidth, on-site IT personnel, and redundancy are just some of the services available to collocating companies.

You can have the advantage of having a large IT department even if you are a small business and you don't even have to spend for them. You can expand your capacities without undertaking costly facility construction or leasing. There is a significant saving on your business with data center colocation.

There will be lesser downtime with colocation. Millions of dollars can be lost on a single outage. There is less downtime with colocation services because of its numerous resources including internet connectivity, bandwidth, diversified power sources, cooling, physical security, and more. Aside from minimizing downtime, it also ensures that hardware is functioning optimally even in cases of physical disaster.

This is much security for your data with colocation. Colocation services are there to guard our data and monitor it round the clock. In order for colocation providers to answer the call for tighter and smarter security, they employ protocols in both cybersecurity and physical infrastructure.

Multi-layered protocols for physical security start with location. The location of colocation data centers is at a strategic distance from the headquarters of their clients. An on-site IT support team monitors the security of your technology assets round the clock and they preemptively report any irregularities. Other security measure is also put in place. Electronic access cards, 24/7 camera monitoring, vehicle access barriers are just some of the other security measures used. A strategy for expansion is needed for a growing business. With colocation services, growth can be managed before the volume of their business data outgrow their resources.

Many colocation data centers are provided with 24/7 support personnel. You can prevent minor incidents to become major ones because of the presence of onsite IT team.

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