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A Guide to Boosting Your Child's Immunity

When our immunity is at its best, it can fight ailments and help to keep microbes and infections at bay. If destabilized or damaged at any time, our kids and we are more exposed to flu and other serious illnesses. The truth is that our environment is filled with germs and toxins, however clean it looks. and we, therefore, need to have our immune system working well so that we do not get sick. Unfortunately, your child getting sick is something you cannot avoid. No one enters the world with a strong immunity system, and the inexperienced immunity has to learn to fight diseases as we grow up, at times through getting sick. However, the inevitable question is, what can a parent do to ensure that he or she improves their child's immunity? Keep reading and see a few top tips to help you in boosting the immunity of your kid.

Pediatricians have always recommended breastfeeding because they see its value in boosting immunity in children when they are infants as they grow. Breast milk is known to have colostrum which not only supplies the baby with essential nutrients but also immunity-improving antibodies as well as white blood cells. It flows from the mother's breast in the initial few days after birth and supplies the newborn with essential nutrients to supercharge its immunity to ensure that he or she is not prone to infections. Generally, breastfeeding boosts a child's brain power as well as immunity against ear infections, allergies, and diarrhea, among other illnesses.

Numerous scientific reports show that lack of proper sleep in adults and kids can contribute to low white blood cell count, therefore, having a weak immune system to deal with germs and cancer cells. Children mostly in daycare are more likely to lack sufficient sleep because the activity could be challenging for them to get a nap. A newborn may require up to eighteen hours of sleep a day, toddlers, 12 to 13 hours while preschoolers require around 10 hours of sleep. If your little one cannot or won't sleep during the day, ensure that their bedtime is set earlier.

Moreover, ensure that you maintain the microbiota of your child. Probiotics are the helpful bacteria that are present in our guts. Their role is to guard our digestive tract, assist in digesting food, toxin clearance as well as protecting us from bacteria and viruses. Therefore, a parent should ensure that there is a healthy balance of these friendly bacteria and one can do this through probiotic supplements with lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.

Just as important, a healthy diet is key in boosting the overall immune system. Ensure that your child's diet has fewer sugars and more of green which they loathe. Getting seafood or omega oils will enhance not only their brain power but also their immune system.

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