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A Basic Guide to Plantation Shutters

To give your home a feel of period era, make sure to include plantation shutters into the mix. Choose a solid interior frame and mount them, and you benefit from the function and design statemen that these fixtures bring. The name of these fixtures originate from the early to the middle of the 19th century plantation homes found in South America and the Caribbean. Prior to the existence of glass windows, homeowners can open these shutters to let proper ventilation and fresh air in during the warm and humid weather. If bad weather sets in, you simply close these shutters. These days, you can pair your plantation shutters at home with glass windows. Before, you open them to get some fresh air, but now, you only open them to get a clear view outside or get more light to enter your room. You have to consider a few factors first if you are wondering if your house requires the addition of plantation shutters. Most of the time, deciding to get these fixtures depend on the atmosphere and aesthetic you intend to see in your house.

For a long time, plantation shutters were created as wooden slats and then mounted into a wooden frame. In the present, you can get these fixtures using man-made and composite materials. Compared to hanging blinds and curtains, plantation shutters are permanent fixtures to your window. Slats can close and open with the rod you can find in the middle of the plantation shutters. For an unobstructed view, modern-day shutters are segmented and hinged for easy folding of your shutters away from your windows. For added light control and privacy, you may use them to cover part of your glass or your whole window. The majority of plantation shutters are rectangular in shape to cover typical windows well. Nonetheless, you can also get them customized for triangular and round windows.

You enjoy a range of benefits when you get plantation shutters for your house. First, they give off a certain feel to your living space. The look you achieve often depends on how you stain or paint them. With the right choice of stain or paint, you can get the kind of elegant, rustic, country chic, or vintage look that you want to achieve for your home. You can make any room of your house feel more modern and sleek when you show off their clean lines without the added fabric window treatments. In addition to making your house look more pleasing, the use of plantation shutters is also great to achieving a more energy-efficient home. With these fixtures, you can prevent heat transfer between the outside and inside of your home. Using these fixtures allows you to gain better control of the light that comes inside. If you want to sleep soundly at night and avoid waking up to the sun, you can simply shut them. Opening them by day gives you control on the amount of light you want entering your house or room.

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