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Features of Spiral Conveyor System

What spiral conveyors do is to automate production processes, increase profitability, and save production space. These types of conveyors are now very popular with food producers. There is an evolution of different conveyor systems. There is no improvement in the design of spiral conveyors from the drug type to the modern type with external drives.

Below are some of the features of the spiral conveyors with external drives.

Spiral conveyors with an external drive do not have a drum and so do not have restrictions. This allows for a wide range of configurations. It can have a round or an oval shape, and the input and output sections are placed at any height and in any part of the conveyor. Mounting it can be done around columns. Any customer's building will suit this especially those who configurations are complicated.

You can easily create a multi-belt conveyor with spiral conveyors with an external drive. Its model features allow it to have multi-belts. So, in a single structure, you can have up to four independent spiral conveyor belts. The speeds of the different belts will vary. Then then allows different products to have different resting time.

Spiral conveyors apply modernized belt types. These are all made of stainless steel. For small product handling, special plastic mesh is installed but can be changed to stainless steel mesh optimally depending on customers' request. The side sliding elements prevent collapse risk common to drum systems but with spiral conveyors with external drives the belt helps securely on the guides and do not collapse.

Spiral conveyors with external drive have rails mounted like beams to both external and internal support columns. You can have a wide range of belts if the belts are fixed securely on rails.

Spiral conveyors with external drive in the absence of internal drum, have lesser weight. It then lowers the requirements for the placement of equipment but also has smaller inertia. There is more flexible production to work and the cost is lower since it heats or cools the conveyor easily and quickly.

Internal drum is not only a central drive unit but also storage for various contaminants. Since it is internal or inside the structure, accessing it is difficult and labor cost for cleaning is high. This problem, however, will not be experienced by spiral conveyors with external drive. The structural elements of spiral conveyors are rounded in shapes and can easily be accessed for cleaning.

The mechanical parts of spiral conveyors with an external drive is very little and so there is less wear and its repairs are simple to carry out and it is very cost-effective. Replacing a gear requires you to remove a few screws and replace the plastic side element on the belt and this does not take long to do.

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