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Techwear and Its Influence in Fashion

Techwear has a huge influence in the fashion world and every year, it is gaining more prominence. The appeal for clothes that are providing comfort and utility is pretty obvious. However, the term techwear as well as everything that is entailed in it could be intimidating to understand. A nice place to start here is by defining the term itself.

So basically, techwear is a kind of clothing for day to day life only in this case, it uses special fabric, properties and construction to allow better movement, breathability, comfort and water resistant. One of the biggest appeals of clothing following techwear is the fact that it makes life easier regardless if it is about carrying more stuff or staying dry during down pour.

In the next paragraphs, you are going to learn the biggest benefits of techwear and why more and more people are inclined to get one of it.

Water resistance and several enhanced properties - among the biggest benefits of techwear is the fact that it offers high water repellency. Everyone just hates to be caught in the rain. But when you have techwear, it provides practical and at the same time, comfortable solution to the said problem. Modern wave techwear owes its technology to Gore-Tex.

Back in 1969, co-inventor Wilbert Gore and his son Robert Gore has discovered a way of stretching Teflon to thin and porous membrane that is capable of repelling liquid while letting the water vapor to pass through it. The material is also scientifically designed to be waterproof and lightweight for all kinds of weather especially on outerwear. As a matter of fact, since then, Gore-Tex has remained to be the standard when it comes to water repellency. On top of water repellency, there are literally tons of synthetic fabrics that can provide various properties which include but not limited to odor resistance, stretch, reflectiveness and abrasion resistance.

Remarkable comfort and wide range of motion - while majority of the garments and pants are cut to the standard patterns, techwear goes on a different path. It is challenging the convention by means of designing patterns while taking into account of human body movement. Anatomical design are taken into mind as well as common construction methods to make this possible by making use of articulated joints, oftentimes darting at inner elbow or knees.

These enabled the wearer to freely move without the fabric pulling or fraying at key points. The acronym has gone to the point of showing martial arts movements that are performed while wearing the garment.

Well of course, there are several other aspects of comfort beyond breathability. In the world of techwear, this basically means allowing heat and sweat to escape so by that, the wearer would not feel clammy in their garments.

Carrying capacity - now that we are carrying several devices and its chargers with us, techwear items are usually considered with enough storage it supplies. Regardless if it is simple designs like zippered pockets or something more elaborate like removable modular attachments, all of it are planned thoroughly to meet the growing demands of the market.

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