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Benefits of Physician-owned Pharmacies

Doctors all over the world have begun the practice of having their own pharmacies within the hospital setups. Doctor and pharmacies benefit from having the doctors directly dispensing the drugs they prescribe. The aims of this pharmacies are to increase revenues that by shelving drug dispensing services and not enlisting the services of the professional pharmacist but rather assuming and performing the duties that would've been the responsibility of a professional pharmacist. This practice has its own merits, as will be seen in this article. It's advantages apply not only to the doctors, but the patients who get drugs from search pharmacies also benefit from their services greatly. The following are some of the pros of physician-owned pharmacies.

The first merit of a physician-owned pharmacy is that the physician who assumes the duties of a pharmacist at the same time dispensing duties of a doctor get to make extra revenue. Statistically, doctors who own pharmacies and operate them to make more money than doctors who just perform services of a normal Physician. Any doctor with aims of making extra money incorporate within the hospital on that they practice in. By doing this, they get to run the pharmacy and dispense the medicine that they prescribe to patients. This service will ensure that the patient stays to the doctor physician fee meant for pharmacy services. The extra revenue can also come from the doctors applying for medical equipment to other doctors for use. The money collected from the supply of this equipment adds to the revenue the doctor makes.

Another benefit of pharmacies owned by physicians is that they are convenient. This is because this practice sees to it that a patient is given drugs at the point-of-care. This type of arrangement gives convenience to two people who use the services of doctors who owned pharmacies. This type of Convenience cannot be found in the traditional practice over patient getting services of a pharmacy and services of a doctor from two different places. This type of convenience this type of arrangement comes in handy when a patient is old and finds it hard working from the point of care to a different location for pharmacy services. In a set up where pharmacy services are provided at the point of care, this type of patients will not be forced into moving from the point of care to a different location for pharmaceutical services.

Another advantage of physician-owned pharmacies that they guarantee safer treatment on some occasions. Situations such as cases that involve worker compensation, the only employee who has suffered some injury and requires treatment can wait for a long time running into days or even weeks before they can be given the necessary medication. This guarantees the safety of the patient. Pharmacies that are operated by Physicians also eliminate the problem of over-prescription. Over-prescription made sometimes lead to a patient taking too much medication that it becomes harmful to their health. This practice is eliminated when a doctor provides point-of-care prescription and dispensation.

These benefits are proofs that physician-owned pharmacies can be beneficial just as much as any other pharmacy.

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