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Importance of IT Framework in an Organization

The meaning of IT is information technology. IT is the use of computer software and hardware that transform data into information that can be understood by people. Most organizations have developed their systems to accommodate IT in their organizations to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. IT is evolving in the modern world compared to a few years back. It is hard for an organization to function without an IT system and this is evident in the modern world. Departments such as finance, human resource, statistics sales, and marketing are complemented well by IT hence valuable in the organizations.

Some of the importance of its frameworks in an organization are:

IT helps in securing and organizational information. This is because all information about the organization is stored and secured in this system. Therefore information such as an organization's competitive advantages is secured in this department.

IT helps in cost reduction. The amount of money that would have been used to pay for example work is done by a group of employees is reduced to just machines. The organization is, therefore, able to cut costs on their bills and in save. The saving can be set apart to perform other functions in the organization. The main aim of the organization is to minimize cost and increase profitability and therefore having an IT system will give this benefit.

IT helps in innovation. Organizations that involve themselves in research can innovate more effectively due to user information and Technology. This is because they can communicative and share information widely.

IT is helpful in the productivity of an organization. For example in the production department, this is able to move more quickly because of the advanced technology in the organization. Firms are to produce more at even fewer costs, in turn, being able to achieve their organizational goals. Information and technology enable the fast flow of a process in an organization.

IT is beneficial for effective communication in the organization. It helps in easier communication among employees and employers, through sending emails, chairing the meeting, etc. this helps in passing information easily and quickly able to respond.

IT helps in the major marketing of the organization. This is because, in the modern world, people use technology, therefore, the easier way to get recognized is by use of these systems.

IT helps in the competition in the market. When and organization have an updated IT system that can have an upper hand in the market because it is able to compete with the trend in the day to day through completion an organization is able to have many clients in its industry that increase sales.

An organization is able to keep its clients because it is meeting all its customers' needs in terms of technology. Through this customer relationship is enhanced and therefore customer loyalty. When an organization has its customer loyalty it means that they are able to know the need and wants of a client and will fulfill them so that they will maintain their loyalty.

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