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Self-publishers and authors should have an online retailing presence. Online retailers have ways to connect buyers and readers. Whether you use a book publishing firm for your book you still need a presence in online retailing presence more so if you want to sell books. Online retailing presence provides marketing power and market presence than recognized book publishers. This authors central is a tool where the main page of the author is displayed in the cloud service providers, and they show the author's profile, allow you to add any videos and link a blog as well as a list of their favorite books.

In this tool you get a chance to dedicate a webpage on your books. Your book sales can also be tracked here. This is a tool that once connected with your blog you can market yourself and your books.

Affiliate program is a good way to make money from your website. The link to the book from your website is given to online retailers. You are paid a commission if a sale of this book is made. The next tool is listing all the books connected to a given topic. Readers and buyers are here connected. Here those readers interested in your genre get to know that you are resourceful with information to help them to look for information on given topics. You can moderately put your book also in the books list. Have the books that you know those reading lists will be helped.

The search-inside-the-book is another feature where readers get to read some parts of the book and also be able to search for the book. Readers can see the index, contents, introduction and foreword and some chapters. Readers are comfortable when choosing a book and not the other. In book tags, your book is tagged using given keywords. You can imagine the keywords and tags that a reader can be looking for. In the book tag you can tag the book each time you visit the book product page. You can also ask your friends to tag your book.

The 'so you'd like to?' took is where you can have a guide on a given topic which helpful to online retail search. By doing this, you can place yourself as an expert on a given topic. This lead is helpful to buyers when looking for books further they also get information on some topics. To conclude, make sure you have a blog to discuss your book and some chapters or anything related to the book. Cloud service providers like Amazon will display some parts of your blog postings after you type on your blog's feed.

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